Monday, June 28, 2010

Word Photography

I saw this in a magazine over a year ago and thought it was so fun and cool, I started putting together our last name but haven't finished it. It was my nieces' (they're twins) birthday this last week and I wanted to make something personal for them, so I decided to do a name sign for them. Their names are Sydney and Shelby, now theirs turned out differently than the collage I'm adding because photobucket will only let me make a collage with five pictures--dumb. Anyway, you get the idea:



Isn't that so fun though?! If I ever get our family name done, I'll add that too. If you want something like this done, I'd be willing to take the pictures and you can find a frame or mount them on canvas yourself, I'd do it for like $5 a picture? E-mail me and we'll negotiate!


kristie said...

Dang, this comment box didn't want me to comment! Anyway, I want you to do it for me! I think they are so fun. Let me know!

Teachinfourth said...

I love using the natural shapes of things to make letters…very nice.