Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Week 9

Well, this is week 9 and the theme that was chosen was: Express Yourself.

Wow. I had a hard time with this one! I kept going back and forth and back and forth on what I wanted to do! I just couldn't think up a creative way to express myself. Do I take a picture of art stuff? (I do love art but I don't get to actually create things THAT often.) Do I do a different photography technique I've been wanting to try? I finally decided I would take a "self portrait", something I have really struggled with in the past and really don't like to do! haha But instead of just taking a picture of myself, I wanted to do my makeup on half my face really dark and on the other half nice and bright. I need to learn how to be more extreme I think! I tried but I am just not a heavy makeup wearer and it was hard enough to do what I did! Anyway, enough of the preview, tell me what you think of the final product:

MCP 52- Week 9

I feel pretty silly actually showing you this, but I suppose it could be worse right? It probably could have been a lot more fun if I'd had more time and good lighting, but thats why I'm doing this, to get some experience!

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kristie said...

I actually REALLY like it! I think that the red lipstick should be with the dark eye though, only because you said you wanted to do one side dark and the other side light:) Good job!!