Saturday, June 18, 2011

Week 24

This week's theme is: Make it Tasty

I thought right away that I wanted to do a "splash" picture. Where you drop a cookie or something into a cup of some sort of liquid and catch the splash. I was really excited about it until I saw someone else had done a strawberry in milk, and it was GORGEOUS. I then thought about doing sprinkles on my lips, a picture I think I've seen on Facebook a bunch (haha!) but I really wanted to try the splash so I did! I wish I could have added this to the group on time but I've been having frozen computer problems, so too bad for me! :) Here's the one I submitted:

MCP Project 52- Make it Tasty

"Nothing makes cookies tastier than a glass of milk!"

And this I put together just for fun to see all the different results I got:

MCP Project 52- Make it Tasty

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