Friday, May 13, 2011

Week 19

This week's theme is: Window Light

You'd think this would be easy, because pretty much ALL my pictures are taken with window light. Unless they're outside. But I mostly take pictures for this contest inside, so instead of helping me this week, it kind of left it wide open to do whatever the heck I could think of. I don't like to think of things on my own! hahaha I took some different pictures this week, and decided they wouldn't work because they were too similar to things I'd done recently (my son sleeping--just like last week, etc.), then on Sunday I got a little pansy plant for Mother's Day, and had it sitting in the window FINALLY getting some sunshine. So I took a picture of it:
MCP Project 52- Week 19

I also thought about submitting this one because it just felt different than what I usually do, but I still liked the first one better:

Week 19- Window Light

Tell me what you think!

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