Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Week 37

This week's theme is: Momentous Moments

I originally thought of doing a picture of the kids running at their dad as he stepped in the door from work, he's in the military so I thought it would be really touching with his uniform and everything. Then we went to the fair on Monday and I thought, oh man the fair is such a big deal every year! Plus I've been wanting to take pictures of fair rides and such anyway. THEN as we're walking around the fair, we get to the pig pen and we see the cutest teeniest tiny piglets ever. They tell us they had just been born a few hours before! So I decided to add that, because whats more momentous than birth?! :)

MCP Project 52

This is the other one I was debating over:

MCP Project 52

Then yesterday my one year old son decided to head butt me in the eye and then throw a book at the same spot, so I thought "another momentous moment: my first black eye!!" haha

Besides liking the others better, this kind of looks like a battered wife poster and thats not quite what I was going for, so I decided against adding this one! haha My eye really isn't that bad, I did a lot of photoshopping to make the bruise darker. I suppose it could possibly look like that in a couple days when the bruises settle!

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