Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Week 14

This week's theme is: Fusion

I saw such a cool picture someone did with water and food coloring, but I didn't want to be a copy cat! haha I also spent a TON of time rolling out and then baking and then making frosting and then coloring different colors and THEN frosting cookies yesterday, that I figured I could make them fit into the theme and get some fun pictures out of it too. I am NOT a food photographer! Food is so hard to photograph, you must have good lighting and the food needs to be set up in a pretty way and you really need a good lens. I have none of this going for me. So despite that, I think the cookies still look pretty and pretty yummy too!
   Fusion: Whoever decided to unite cookies with frosting is a genius. :)
MCP 52 Project- Week 14 Fusion

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